Spoil yourself without spoiling anything else

Take a break at the UK’s greenest hotel.


The Green House is the greenest hotel in the UK

Getting here has been quite a journey and we’re proud of what we have achieved: a beautiful boutique hotel that lives and breathes sustainability.

Everything about the hotel is green…
We’ve taken care of the usual things, of course, like using energy efficient lighting, installing free EV charge points in our car park and asking guests to reuse their towels. But you would expect that. And let’s be honest, these things alone won’t change the world. We know, as you do, that to make a real difference we need to make some big changes. So over the past years we’ve done over 100 things to make sure everything about the hotel has been designed to spoil you without spoiling anything else.

…from the building itself…
We use the sun to help heat our water and we generate a lot of our electricity on site using a combined heat and power unit, which also keeps the building warm. Each of our 32 rooms is fitted with locally-made 100% wool carpets and a sumptuously comfortable bespoke eco bed made by a leading UK luxury bed manufacturer. The solid wood furniture has been made in the UK using trees felled by storms or tree surgeons. Where there’s wallpaper it is Forest Stewardship Council certified and made in the UK using vegetable inks. Where there isn’t, we’ve used local Farrow & Ball eco paint.

…to what comes in and what goes out…
Before bringing anything into the hotel, we think hard about where it comes from, and how we will get rid of it. Our furniture gets upcycled, our waste oil from the kitchen is made into fuel and our coffee beans are composted for our community veg garden on site. If you eat at Arbor, our menu offers local, fresh, where possible organic food sourced from producers with high animal welfare standards. We find locally-brewed beer and spirits for our bar, and our wine list has been carefully selected taking into account the carbon footprint of every bottle. Our milk is delivered in pails which are picked up and refilled.

…to the way we do things in it.
Our commitment to being green goes beyond the materials we need or the products we use. It is who we are, what we do, and how we do it. All our staff are trained on sustainability, and all our suppliers will be assessed against recognised environmental standards. Above all, we are all committed to keep making the Green House even greener.

Even you.
If you like, we can even help you to be as green as possible during your stay. If not, don’t worry; you can relax in the knowledge that we won’t preach or force you to take part in any way. Just staying at the Green House will help you be more sustainable. We’re already doing the work for you.
The Green House is a member of This allows users to locate the closest refilling stations in their area so they can enjoy tap water on the go, for free!

Simply visit us with your own drinking bottle and we will refill it for you without charge.

Welcome to the Green House.

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