Beautiful Bournemouth breaks

That time of year is upon us again, thinking of the summer holidays? Where to go? Where to stay? With more and more people staying in the UK for their holidays it seems that beauty spots like Bournemouth are on the rise as the new fabulous holiday destinations.

Bournemouth’s location on the south coast of England has made it a popular destination for tourists. The town is a regional centre of business, and with unrivalled beaches and family attractions it’s easy too see why tourists flock there every summer.
In a 2007 survey by First Direct, Bournemouth was found to be the happiest place in the UK, with 82% of people questioned saying they were happy with their lives
After all the splurging, and the eating of guilty foods, why not make a difference and better the world while you’re at it, stay at the Green House Hotel in Bournemouth, where they reduce, reuse and recycle daily, to lower their carbon footprint. Everything in the hotel has come from natural beginnings and everything they do is to sustain our beautiful world, so we can keep having our good old British holidays.

Why not visit the website today to book a room or for more information on the Green House Hotel?

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