Things to Consider When Booking Southampton Hotels

Are you looking to book a holiday in Bournemouth or Southampton? Bournemouth, Southampton and Dorset have so many different attractions to offer, from the coast line to the entertainment, luxury restaurants through to summer attractions. If you are looking for a stunning location to stay near Southampton, look no further than the Green House Hotel.

If you are looking to book a place to stay there are some important things to consider when booking Southampton hotels. Firstly, choosing a hotel which is comfortable, welcoming and luxurious is high on the list of priorities. The Green House Hotel is easily accessible from Southampton and ticks all these boxes. The guestrooms are truly stunning with beautiful en-suite bathrooms, natural stone basins and walk in shower for your comfort. You will want to ensure the place you choose to stay will provide a base for relaxing and comfort. Each guest at the Green House Hotel is treated to organic goose down duvets, tea, coffee and water and homemade biscuits along with a large screen TV and iPod docks for your entertainment in the rooms.

Caring for the environment is important to all of us and the Green House Hotel is the greenest in the UK ! Each room is fitted with 100% wool locally made carpet and all wood furniture has been made in the UK using trees which have been felled by tree surgeons or storms. All wallpaper is Forest Stewardship Council certified and all paints are local Farrow & Ball eco paint – offering a truly green surrounding.

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