Britain’s Love Affair with Indian Food

It is undeniable that Britain is in love with Indian cuisine – or more specifically, the spicing of the sub-continent.

These influences started to filter back to Britain as early as the 1700’s as trading routes and links were opened and developed by the East India Trading Company.

Georgian Britain was enthralled by the new flavours being brought back and the growing middle classes quickly adopted the new cuisine as an antidote to Britain’s bland, standard fayre and as a way to show off to friends and acquaintances!

The royal seal of approval was delivered by Queen Victoria, who’s faithful retainer, Abdul Karim, was said to cook for her regularly.

Whilst the first full Indian Restaurant – Hindoostanee Coffee House – opened in George Street, London in 1810, mass popularity had to wait until the 1940/50’s.  Indian migrants began to arrive to help rebuild post-war Britain.  They established cafes and canteens to feed themselves and their families. But curious natives soon discovered the spiced food, which was a revelation compared with bland, rationed British food.

This was the genesis of the British, Indian Restaurant and there are now around 12,000 throughout the UK.  It is said that 60% of dinning out in Britain takes place in an Indian Restaurant!

It is well known that there is so much more to true Indian cuisine than just Anglicized curries and on 29th September, Head Chef Andy and his team will be offering a thoughtful tribute to a much-loved food style, with his “Tastes of India” themed menu in Arbor Restaurant, here at The Green House Hotel.

Places are limited, so we would suggest that you book very soon!


Some feedback from the Flavours of Spain evening in August


“Absolutely brilliant evening – the food and flavours were amazing!”  AS, Dorchester

“Thank-you for such a great night.  I wanted the recipe for every course!”  LC, Wimbourne

“ .. whilst every course was stunning, the Olive cake will live long in my memory!” RT, Poole

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