Celebrate English Wine Week with us here at the Green House

Celebrate English Wine Week (23 to 31 May) with us here at the Green House and taste some of the quality home-grown vintages that are gracing our new wine list.

What did the Romans ever do for us? Well, apart from the obvious (roads, sewers, etc.), they introduced the vine to England. And while English winemaking has suffered many rocky times since, it has never been in finer fettle than it is today.

The past 20 years have seen a major resurgence in British viticulture – thanks in part, it has to be said, to our warming climate (every cloud…). English sparkling wines especially, produced in the chalky southern counties of England including our very own Dorset, increasingly rival the best French champagnes when it comes to scooping major international awards.

So if you still haven’t tasted any English wine, you really are missing out. And English Wine Week, which runs from 23 to 31 May, is the perfect opportunity to put that right.

Here at the Green House, Bournemouth’s eco-friendly luxury boutique hotel, we are celebrating with a new wine list which includes sparkling and rose wines from two of our favourite Dorset wine suppliers – English Oak and the Furleigh Estate.

English Oak vineyard, 23 acres of vines perched in a sunny, elevated position overlooking the sea and the Purbeck hills, produces crisp, lemony Chardonnays and warm, smooth Pinots on land that was previously lush green pasture.

Their sparkling Chinkapin Rosé 2010 has been gracing our menu here at Arbor, the 2 AA-rosette restaurant housed at the Green House Hotel in Bournemouth, for the past year. A delicate pink in colour, this deliciously elegant yet spicy award-winning wine offers wild raspberries and cream, with undertones of orange peel and soft summer fruits.

Furleigh Estate is another producer with which the Green House has a long and fruitful partnership. Formerly a dairy farm, the grounds of the Estate in Salway Ash, West Dorset, feature 22,000 south-facing vines and a 5000-square-foot winery, built back in 2007. Surrounded by woodland, the area teems with wildlife – deer, pheasants and partridge roam the vines while heron fish from the lakes.

Our new wine list features Furleigh’s trophy-winning Classic Cuvée, a true Dorset bubbly made totally from Dorset grapes! These classic champagne varieties give a gorgeous creamy mousse, a pale lemony-green colour and  fresh lime-coulis flavours with toasty aromas.

Their Sea Pink Rosé is another worthy addition to the list, scented with cherries and raspberries with a well balanced, smooth palate, reminiscent of strawberries and cream.

These two suppliers really encapsulate what we are all about here at the Green House: top-quality produce, sourced ethically, sustainably and locally wherever possible.

So come and see what all the fuss is about. Call 01202 498900 to book a table at Arbor during English Wine Week… and may the fizz be with you.

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