Dorset Getaways

We would all love to be able to afford those glamorous holidays abroad each year, travelling the length and breadth of the world, but this is often not as feasible as we would hope.
There are all sorts of issues associated with travelling abroad; including the cost, the upheaval of the flight (especially if there are children involved) and sometimes it is just not worth all the effort.

We are quite often completely ignorant to the fact that there are plenty of wonderful holidays to be enjoyed, not far from our very own front door.

Dorset getaways, for example, can offer a range of places to explore, beautiful surroundings and a variety of ways to keep entertained throughout the break.

These can be a really cost effective way to holiday and without the added pressure of getting flights and enduring the hassle of a long journey.

The Green House Hotel provides immaculate accommodation and the opportunity to explore your local area. Covering both the Bournemouth and Dorset areas, you can expect a friendly service, lots of amenities, high quality dining and an environmentally friendly place to stay.

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