Eco Hotels

Do you worry about your carbon footprint? Do you think about your environmental responsibilities in terms of how you shop, bank or even holiday? In that case have you heard about Britain’s Greenest Eco Hotel, the Green House Hotel?

The Green House Hotel believes in five core values. These values or principles are designed to make sure the hotel minimises its impact on the wider environment. The Green House Hotel believes, wholeheartedly, in behaving in an ethical and responsible manner.

You can be sure that your stay at The Green House Hotel will be a beautiful, grand and perfect experience. The Green House Hotel also believes in recycling, re-using and reducing energy consumption, waste and avoiding unnecessary transportation of goods. These values have resulted in The Green House Hotel being voted Britain’s greenest hotel.

However, your stay will be about more than just the environmental impact. It will be about the guest experience and how you enjoy your stay at the Green House Hotel.

If you want a great UK hotel break, with an environment touch, why not get in contact with the team on 01202 498 900 or alternatively visit for more information.

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