Green interiors the Green House way

Finding environmentally-friendly solutions to interior design problems can be tricky – there are so many factors to take into account, as we found out during our £5 million refurbishment of the Green House Hotel, Bournemouth’s eco-friendly luxury boutique hotel, back in 2011.

Have potentially harmful chemicals been used in the production of the carpet or the wallpaper? Has the wood in the furniture been sourced sustainably, rather than harming natural forest eco systems? How much carbon has been emitted in the production of those bathroom tiles? How can we reduce the amount of water used in our guest bathrooms? And how much energy is going to be used up by the mood lighting and electric appliances?

In our quest to become the greenest hotel in the UK, our interior design team left no stone unturned in finding the most environmentally friendly solutions to these and other questions, ensuring the Green House Hotel’s guest rooms are not only some of the most luxurious and comfortable, but also the most healthy places in the country to lay your head – for you and the planet!

Carpets – these were made especially for the hotel by Wilton Carpets in Salisbury from 100% sheep’s wool: this is naturally fire retardant and so required no chemical treatment. The underlay is made from recycled felt.

Wallpaper – produced in the UK by Graham and Brown, our wallpapers were designed by art students at the Royal College of St Martin’s in London. They are printed on paper certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, using vegetable inks.

Paint – this was produced by Farrow and Ball, 15 miles from the hotel. Unlike many other manufacturers, this company continues to use natural ingredients such as Linseed Oil and China Clay

Wooden furniture – handmade by a small firm of craftsmen in Hebden Bridge, our wardrobes, desks and chairs were made from Ash felled by tree surgeons or storms. They have been treated with ecologically-friendly stain and varnish.

Beds – some two years in the making, our sumptuous beds, unique to The Green House Hotel, are made by Nottingham-based Hypnos, one of the UK’s leading bed manufacturers, of entirely natural materials. The mattress covering is Bamboo, one of the fastest growing and most versatile of plants used in manufacturing.  Our pillows and duvets are 100% organic feather and down, made in Europe from Hungarian geese. The sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are organic fair-trade cotton.

Televisions – these are the lowest energy models on the market. Using around 60watts (less than most traditional light bulbs) they are LED backlit and have a host of eco settings. The picture output automatically adjusts according to the light levels in the room, reducing further the energy they use.

Toilets, showers and taps – The toilets in our bathrooms are dual flush and ultra-low water consumption. Our taps are aerated, as are the showers, giving the performance you would expect from a great shower but using a fraction of the water.

Wall tiles – these were produced by Johnson Tiles in Stoke-on-Trent using 35% recycled content. They underwent a single firing process (rather than the normal two), dramatically reducing the amount energy used in the manufacturing process (known as ‘embedded energy’).

We have information on all this and more in our 32 sumptuous guest rooms so our guests can pick up ideas and inspiration on how to design their green interiors to be sustainable as well as beautiful. Why not book in at The Green House Hotel today and see for yourself?

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