Make ‘eating well’ your top New Year resolution!

Hello and a Happy New Year to all our treasured readers, from all at the Green House Hotel, ‘UK’s greenest hotel‘! We love the definition of a New Year Resolution we found on Wikipedia today: “a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people.” We can’t help thinking the world needs more resolutions of the “slightly nice” variety, to balance out all the abstinence and new gym memberships!

In the spirit of both self-improvement and “slightly nice” things, may we suggest another resolution for 2016 to add to your list? We don’t want to add to your stress, but we guarantee this one will cause you no pain, only gain – you’ll not only eat fresher, tastier, healthier food, you’ll also feel better while you’re doing it.

So here goes: why not make this the year you decide to eat out only in great restaurants that serve fresh, responsibly sourced food and support local traders?

OK we are a little biased, because the Green House Hotel, Bournemouth’s most environmentally friendly luxury boutique hotel, was founded on the principle of doing no harm to the environment. So sourcing and cooking food for our 2-AA rosette restaurant Arbor, in a good, sustainable and ethical way, is ingrained in everything we do.  One of many achievements for the multi-award winning Arbor, and one that made us truly proud during 2015, was being judged the Most Environmentally Friendly restaurant in the UK in the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) awards in February.

The SRA’s #MakeFoodGood campaign not only perfectly mirrors the philosophy behind Arbor; it is also the easiest way we can think of to work “sustainable eating out” into your life, by making one or more simple pledges such as:

  • Eat less meat but better quality
  • Eat at restaurants supporting charities
  • Ask if the fish is sustainably sourced
  • Ask for a doggy bag for leftovers
  • Check menus for seasonal ingredients
  • Check who my tip goes to
  • Ask for tap water not bottled
  • Ask if the coffee is Fairtrade

At Arbor, Bournemouth’s 2-AA rosette restaurant, we wholeheartedly support all of these goals and are more than happy to answer any questions our guests may have about how we source and cook our food and drink. For example:

  • Our food is fresh, seasonal, local and where available, organic
  • We only source food from producers with high animal welfare standards
  • We useFairtrade produce wherever possible
  • Our wine list is organic and biodynamic and has been selected taking into account the carbon footprint of every bottle
  • We are committed to sourcing only from suppliers adhering to the guidelines of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a global organisation which promotes the best environmental and sustainable policies and practices in sourcing seafood
  • We avoid contributing to overfishing by not making too many demands on our fishermen, instead shaping our menus around their finest catches of whatever’s in season
  • We have an on-site water filtration system with in-house (re-usable) bottling to avoid transportation of bottled water.

We could go on (and on) but we won’t – if you would like more information you can find it on the website here.

Or better still, why not pop by sometime soon and read all about our philosophy on our menu while you dine. Book any day in January or February (except for Valentine’s Day, naturally) and you will receive £10 off your bill when you spend £40 or more with us.

Ask us anything you like about how we make food good at Arbor – and about how you can help to do the same through your eating out choices.

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