Do You Have Plans This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for family and friends and it can be often the only time that the majority of family get together and enjoy each other’s company. However we forget about the sheer rush and panic that can happen in the run up to these wonderful occasions; the hunting down of the perfect gifts, ensuring the cards have been sent and stocking up on enough food and drink to feed Santa and a full accompaniment of elves.

The big day itself can be filled with a lot of work and it can be difficult to fully enjoy the day until much later on once dinner is all done and it is no wonder that the day can go so quickly and often going back to work in need of an another holiday.

For a change this year why not book yourself and a loved one into a lovely hotel for a relaxing break, far away from the unintentional strains of the festive season. Do you have plans this Christmas? You should do, and at the centre of it should be yourself at the Green House Hotel at Bournemouth and Dorset. Pay a visit to to see what offers are on and make this Christmas a little bit special for yours truly.

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