Really good things come in small packages on Arbor’s new seasonal menu

Seasonality is everything at Arbor, Bournemouth’s 2 AA-rosette restaurant at the Green House Hotel. And with the turning of the leaves comes a new menu, full of hearty winter ingredients and robust, warming flavours for cooler days.

Head Chef Andy Hilton and his team have spent weeks creating dishes based on the best seasonal produce. They then refine, refine, refine until those that make the final cut are the perfect combination of tastes, textures and colours, with something to suit every palate.

For the new Arbor Autumn and Winter Menu for 2016-17, Andy has followed the old adage, “good things come in small packages”. Whether delivered in homemade pastry, pasta or tortilla, this new menu is full of beautiful, flavour-filled surprises that really pack a punch. Each one forms a single, integral part of Andy’s carefully balanced recipes, designed to delight the eyes as well as the tastebuds. Here we list five of the best. All we can say is, we hope your Christmas presents will be half as good.

1 South Coast Crab Tortellini with Cauliflower
The crab from Britain’s South coast is some of the most delicious in the UK, heck possibly the world, the brown meat in particular packed with flavour. For this starter, Andy infuses delicate hand-picked crab meat with the fresh fragrances of lime and coriander, then encases it in velvety homemade pasta, serving it alongside Cauliflower couscous and purée for a variety of textures.

2 Spiced Sweet Potato Samosa with Mango Chutney and Carrot and Coriander Purée

Forget the uninspired triangles found in supermarket selections: this dish, influenced by Andy’s love of Indian cookery, is a mouthwatering parcel of flaky, freshly fried pastry, filled with autumnal, lightly spiced sweet potato. It’s a faithful homage to the original Asian pie, served with a homemade tangy mango chutney, braised baby carrots and a carrot and coriander puree.

3  Braised Venison Chilli with Parsley Tortilla and Red Cabbage Slaw

Lean, tasty venison is perfect for this rich ragu, slow-braised in the spices and flavours of Mexico and the American deep south, such as cumin and chilli. Andy loves taking street food and giving it that special Arbor twist: for this dish he serves up the chilli in a vibrant homemade green parsley tortilla with avocado purée and dried cheese on the side. It’s inspired stuff!

4  Braised Lamb Shoulder with Lamb and Mint Pasty and Swede Purée

Nothing says cold weather comfort food quite like Andy’s mini homemade pasty filled with sticky minced lamb and diced potatoes – it’s a melting, golden mouthful of deliciousness, served alongside his slow-cooked British lamb, tender and full of flavour, and a buttery smooth swede purée.

5  Duo of Creedy Carver Duck Breast and Leg with Broccoli Purée and Soy Dressing

The flavoursome meat of the wonderful Creedy bird, bred in Devon in small, free-range flocks, is given an Asian twist by Andy this autumn: the legs are cooked in duck fat until soft and flaky, mixed with soy, ginger and spice and wrapped in pastry to create a posh spring roll that really packs a punch. The breast is simply pan fried until the skin until golden and crisp, while the broccoli and sesame puree adds vibrant Asian-influenced colour and flavour.

For a taste of the Arbor Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 menu, book a table here or call 01202 498900.

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