A Responsible Christmas Party

Celebrate Christmas At The Green House Hotel

Why not make 2014 the year you book a responsible Christmas party?

Now before we lose your attention, let’s make one thing clear. By responsible we don’t mean sensible or – God forbid, teetotal. Here at the Green House, Bournemouth’s most luxurious boutique hotel and home to the award-winning Arbor Restaurant, we totally rock the whole eat, drink and be merry thing. We’ll be brimming with festive fizz and flavours, music and dancing from midday until midnight throughout December and we’d love you to come and join us.

It’s just that we prefer to let our hair down without letting the planet down, too. So, there’ll be no cheap turkey pumped full of chemicals and water (like all our seasonal ingredients, ours is free-range, organic and local); no synthetic tinsel destined for landfill (we prefer the natural, handcrafted look anyway); and no six-foot illuminated Santa sleigh (look we’re sorry, ok?)

That’s what we mean by a responsible Christmas. The rest? Well, that’s up to you.

Give us a call on 01202 498900 to make an enquiry or a booking! We look forward to taking your call.




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