Restaurants in Bournemouth

The Green House is one of the most eco-friendly establishments in the south of England. The hotel operates according to five key principles. These principles include sourcing ingredients locally to ensure that transportation energy waste is kept to a minimum and the restaurant re-uses and recycles materials as much as is possible. The hotel strives to only work with other organisations that share similar principles. The Green House is part of the “Green Tourism Business Team”, having been awarded GOLD status at the first attempt.

Excitingly Ethical

The Green House’s Arbor restaurant offers uncomplicated yet highly creative dishes that are also affordable. It purchases meat, vegetable and dairy products from some of the best local suppliers, and its location on the south coast allows it to offer delectable fish and shellfish. The team are always on the lookout for the most eco-friendly, exciting and ethical suppliers in the local area. The restaurant offers modern, impressive interiors as well as a warmly-welcoming bar to visit either before or after you dine. The Green House’s sustainable principles make it one of the most eco-friendly restaurants in Bournemouth and Dorset. Head to the website today to find out more about the greenest restaurant.

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