Save Money on a Summer Break

The cost of holidaying abroad has risen in recent years and with the current job situation being as unsteady as it is, many people can no longer afford this kind of luxury.

It is even worse if you have children, as the cost of holidays abroad can sometimes be as much as triple the usual price during the summer break.

It makes sense to try other options for your breaks away, rather than completely admitting defeat and staying at home.

You don’t need to go far to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime; sometimes the answer can be right on your doorstep such as the summer breaks available at the Green House Hotel.

You can enjoy top class friendly service, the cleanest and most comfortable accommodation you could hope for, as well as a relaxed atmosphere and plenty to keep you occupied.

The breaks are available in Bournemouth and Dorest, and will provide the perfect retreat to switch off from your hectic, everyday life.

If you want to save on a summer break, visit and discover the many options available for you and your family.

Why suffer the expensive costs of a trip abroad when you can get more for your money with a local holiday?

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