Start 2014 In Style

The start of a new year is one filled with optimism and good intentions, as you can reflect on what the past year has brought you; be it positives to help give you confidence or negatives on which to learn from.

A new year can allow for us all to attempt to change how we move forward in our lives, and this will hopefully mean continuing to have a positive and prosperous life, in both your work and personal environment. The key for us all is to have a renewed attitude and not to over commit yourself to taking on too many challenges, start small and ensure they are achievable for you. Nothing is more deflating than early defeats, or being overrun with trying to juggle life, work and a vast list of “to-do’s”. New years will always bring a sense of vim and vigour and your real challenge is to sustain the enthusiasm as long as possible.

Regardless of how 2013 went for you why not start 2014 in style by booking into the Green House Hotel for a stay. An established luxury boutique hotel situated in Bournemouth, Dorset is the perfect place to begin the New Year and set it off in the right direction. Find your ideal accommodation package at and to view the amenities on offer.

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