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Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Green House Hotel

Recently here at the Green House Hotel, we’ve been thinking about that dubious Chinese proverb recently: “May you live in interesting times”. Well, 2016 has certainly been interesting, whatever your views on Brexit, Trump and the rest. So let’s see it out in style.  Our New Year’s Eve package is the perfect antidote to all […]


Christmas Day – will you go Home or Away?

Possibly not since Brexit has a question so divided the nation. In fact, the Christmas Away trend is growing. For an increasing number of people, getting a chance to enjoy all the lovely festive treats without worrying about the cooking and washing up is worth every penny.


Special Christmas tasting menu at the Green House Hotel

Christmas can sometimes feel like you’re just rolling from one huge meal to the next. But actually, how memorable is the food? Can you remember last year’s? Was the turkey amazing? Did the Christmas pudding really deliver? Did you stop to savour each course? Or just power through on a wave of Prosecco and Pinot?

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